Tickets Price Validity
Ticket for a class 2.200 HUF  
First time pass (unlimited access to every yoga class) 4.000 HUF 7 days
Ticket for 4 classes 7.600 HUF 4 weeks
Ticket for 8 classes 14.000 HUF 6 weeks
Ticket for 12 classes 19.000 HUF 2 months
Tickets Price Validity
Ticket for an online class 1.500 HUF  





You can pay with a BANK CARD here!

We accept AYCM card (type XL and XXL) as well

There's a one-time possibility of renewing your pass for a week. The renewal price is 2200 HUF. Make sure you get in touch and send a message here or on facebook, otherwise it won't happen.

Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable!
Specially purchased yoga tickets will not be renewed!
Our tickets are registered under a single name.
We are unable to refund the price of passes due to a change in the schedule!

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