Yoga from a pure source

In our downtown yoga studio in district 7. you can choose from a variety of yoga classes Monday to Sunday. The hall has a harmonious aura and an authentic spiritual atmosphere. If these are important to you, come join us and see for yourself. Essential Yoga Studio Budapest has received hundreds of guests over the years and offers lessons of various levels so you can enjoy the benefits of yoga beginner or advanced.

The rooms are spacious and our studio is regularly cleaned and disinfected with ozone. The Studio is doing everything possible to curb the spread of the COVID epidemic!

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Our practitioners said about yoga

"Experience at the physical and mental levels"
"I'm well-balanced ever since I’ve practised yoga"
"My personality is evolving"
"I can tolerate difficulties better"
"I like this form of exercise because it protects the joints"
"My body’s become strong and flexible at the same time"

What is Yoga?

Yoga is now a fashionable form of exercise but what exactly happens in a yoga class? Yoga is a group activity that fills your soul and body. Serious work is required on both physical and mental levels. Not to worry though. You’re perfectly capable of learning it all with a bit of focused practice.

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Before my first yoga class...

Yoga is another genre that you have tried so far,  that's why we have collected some advice for you to have a good time even for the very first time.

Do I need to check in? Yes, we suggest to check in to our classes. There should be plenty of space in each yoga classroom but there are some popular periods and we can only provide you a mat if you sign up in advance. If a class is cancelled you will be notified 2 hours beforehand. Before the morning classes we strongly recommend to check on your class before you leave from home.

When do I need to arrive? We aren't open all day. The Studio will be opening 30 minutes before the yoga class. It's good if you arrive a quarter of an hour before the class starts so you can tune into the yoga practice and pick your favourite spot in the room.

Meal timing. It's really unpleasant to practice yoga right after a meal or hungry. We recommend that you do not eat 2 hours before class. Remember to stay hydrated too! Try to drink enough water throughout the day which contributes to easier exercise and it's also crucial for your general well-being: body and mind.

Tools. A yoga mat, blanket for relaxation, and all the other yoga equipment we provide but you can bring your own mattress. It is a good idea to have a towel and bottled water but you can buy a refresher on the spot too.

About your outfit.You should wear comfortable clothes, which does not prevent your free movement, while in inverted postures it may be uncomfortable if the shirt falls in your face. Usually you practice barefoot but you don't need to take off your socks if you don't want to -try both to decide which is more ideal for you.

Don't worry about your valuables. In the dressing room you can safely keep your wallet, cellphone, and small valuables in lockers.

Shower facilities: There is a spacious bathroom with shower if you need it after the class.

Check-in in online

Reach our schedule here to check-in for your favorite lesson.


Our instructors

Évi Kalmár-Nagy
hatha yoga, dinamic hatha yoga instructor
Adrienn Gyulai
Our meditation therapist, aromatouch masseur and beginner yoga instructor
Dóra Koós
Wholistic Meditative Yin Yoga, Mindful Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga; in hungarian and in english
Francesco Mele
Wholistic Meditation, Healing/Relax Meditation in english
Enikő Andó
Bilingual Hatha Yoga Hun/Eng
Karolina Lunk
Dynamic Hatha Yoga Eng/Hun
Krisztina Füle
Vinyasa Flow