Francesco Mele

Francesco Mele

Wake Me Up – Alternative Universe

We are a community born from a separation of an iconic meditation center called “Szelid Mosoly Buddhista Szangha”.

The coordinator of this community has a long and proven experience of Mindfulness Meditation and decided to take his own path to bring innovation in traditions.

I am gathering in different studios in Budapest and my program usually contains diverse relax activities plus silent healing meditation. It can vary, depending on the occasion.

From 2020 I am collaborating with Dora, a multi certified yoga teacher and together we have established the new Wholistic Meditative Yoga, as we call it: the Body-Mind Stretch, what means that we guide you through each session to help you place your whole body in conscious moves and to facilitate you to awaken your subconscious mind, as a result, generating a mind-blowing experience of integration between mind-body-spirit.

We organize Mindfulness Hikes around Hungary too.


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