What is Yoga?


Yoga is now a fashionable form of exercise but what exactly happens in a yoga class? Yoga is a group activity that fills your soul and body. Serious work is required on both physical and mental levels. Not to worry though. You’re perfectly capable of learning it all with a bit of focused practice. Usually, we are warming up with sun salutations, followed by asanas (postures), and finally, complete the lesson with relaxation.

Why practice yoga poses? The primary purpose of postures is to create unity of body, mind, and soul. This is the best exercise we use to concentrate our minds, direct our attention to practice and breathing, so our thoughts become quiet and we can get closer to ourselves and our souls. Such a quality break in a daily rush can be invaluable.

It teaches humility! Yoga is not a competition, expectations remain outside the door. Be satisfied with your current state as you keep improving as you practice. Within a few weeks, the changes are noticeable, asanas are getting easier, your body is stronger and more resilient. We recommend 2-3 exercises a week, but once you get to the yoga studio, you will still experience the positive effects that you will be amazed at.

Don't forget to breathe! Yoga and breathing are connected. Everyday we are not conscious of our breathing. In a yoga class, the instructor encourages you to breathe continuously and correctly. Try to follow her and pay attention. This will make it easier for you to practice and open up a new dimension of yoga.