Useful tips for beginners

Thinking about trying yoga but unsure if it is for You? Or hesitant what to take with you to class?

Don't worry, we've put together some tips for you to make your first practice a pleasant experience.



What should you know before your first yoga class?

You are at the right place! Yoga is the best form of exercise. Why say this? This is the only sport where your body/spine will become healthier as you move towards professionalism.

The structure of the yoga class. During the class you can practise the postures shown by your instructor while pleasant music plays in the background. You will be able to follow because the instructor will constantly help you perfect the poses. After tuning in and settling down for the practice there are warm-up Sun Salutations. They're followed by the asanas (postures) one after another. Finally, we finish the class with relaxation.

Which class should I choose? The basic class is hatha yoga, so we recommend this for you first, but we also recommend spinal yoga or female yoga if you are a beginner.

Need to check in? Yes, we suggest to check-in to our classes. We practice in a huge room, but there are some popular periods and we can only provide your mat if you check-in. If class is canceled you will be notified 2 hours before the class in e-mail. Before the morning classes we strongly recommend to check your class before you leave.

When need to arrive? We aren't open all day. The Studio will be opening 30 minutes before the yoga class. It's good if you arrive a quarter of an hour before the class is starting so you can tune into the yoga practice and choose the best place you like in the room.

Meal timing: it's really unpleasant to practice yoga after eating or if you're hungry. We recommend that you do not eat 2 hours before class. Don't forget about the liquid, too! Try to drink enough water throughout the day, which contributes to easier exercise and it's also good for your whole body and your mind.

Tools: A yoga mat, blanket for relaxation, and all the other yoga equipment we provide, but you can practice on your own mattress. It is worth bringing a towel. It's good to have water, but you can buy a refresher on the spot.

About your outfit: You should wear comfortable clothes, which does not prevent your movement, in displaced postures it may be uncomfortable if the shirt falls in your face. Usually there is barefoot yoga, but you don't need to take off your socks if you don't want, but you should try it to decide which is more ideal for you.

Don't worry about your values: In the dressing room you can safely keep your wallet, cellphone, and small valuables in lockers.

Shower facilities: There is a spacious bathroom with shower if you need it after the class

Special discount on your first pass!!! If this is your first time here, then you can buy a 7-day trial pass for only 4.000 Ft what gives you unlimited access to every yoga class for 7 days.


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