Dóra Koós

Dóra Koós

I am Dori,

Knowledgeable, passionate and caring Yoga Facilitator, Practitioner, Meditator and Health Advisor.

(Do not like to call myself 'Teacher'... :)

My Yoga Journey has started in India, where I fell in love even more with my already existing Passion. 

I got certified in Rishikesh, the ‘World Capital of Yoga’, Did further training in Thailand. One year of teaching experience. One-to-one, private and group sessions. Capable to lead classes according to goals and needs, physical conditions and student’s level.

My teaching plans aim to support and benefit my yogis individually and in a group environment. My classes are focusing on breath work, safety and correct alignment. I aim to motivate students on their Yoga Journey, encourage them to find their own peace and freedom and honour their individuality. I am a lifelong learner, living Yoga on and off the mat.

From 2020 I am collaborating with Francesco, the coordinator of a community called ‘Wake Me Up – Alternative Universe’, who has a long and proven experience in Mindfulness Meditation. Together we have established the new Wholistic Meditative Yoga, as we call it: the Body-Mind Stretch, what means that we guide you through each session to help you place your whole body in conscious moves and to facilitate you to awaken your subconscious mind, as a result, generating a mind-blowing experience of integration between mind-body-spirit.

We organize Mindfulness Hikes around Hungary too.

Link to My Website: https://doryyoga.wixsite.com/dorayoga/free-advice-by-dora-yoga-studio

My e-mail: dorakoos.yoga@gmail.com